are you building on a wadi??


Welcome to Wadi Arnon…a wadi is a valley…sometimes filled with water, oftentimes dry, especially in the dry season.

While wadi’s are a source of water, wadi’s are very dangerous…especially when dry.  There’s a middle east phenomenon known as a wadi washout — these are incredibly dangerous because you do not know when they come…before you realize, it’s too late and you and everything around you is washed away.

A wadi is the context of Matthew 7 when Jesus talks about building your house on the rock or on the sand.  Sand is only found in a couple places in Israel…near the sea and in a wadi…

So when Jesus talks about building your house on the sand, it a poignant picture that people would immediately pick up on because they live with the danger of wadi’s.  You would never ever build your house in a Wadi…sure the riverbed could be dry for years, but you never know when the storm will come that will surely wipe away everything…even your life.

The picture below is a picture of Wadi Hever after a wadi washout…it literally swept everything away…

Wadi Washout - Wadi Hever

Thus, Jesus tells us to build our houses, (our families, our lives) on the rock…or, “don’t build them in a wadi”…

Are you building anything of your life on a wadi??


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